We are heartbroken to write it, but due to coronavirus outbreak we have to cancel the preelimanary round of Grodzisk Homebrewers Competition, that we planned to do in Austin with our friends from Live Oak Brewing Company and Austin Zealots. Gathering judges, stewards and others for the preeliminaries is a risk that we cannot bear.

We would like to thank You all for wishing to take part in Grodzisk Homebrewing Competition. We always wanted to make it a huge international one, since our role is to promote Grodziskie in- and outside Poland.

Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy. Good luck and, hopefully, see You next Year during preeliminaries at LOBC. Remember to support Your local brewers in those hard times!

P.S. Similar statement was sent to all US-entrants who already filled the registration form. If someone still wants to enter the competition via direct package to Poland, there is an option of sending beers (preferably to be delivered between June 1-June 14) directly to:

Name: Sklep “Pan Śledzik”
street: Żydowska 2
postal code: 62-065
city: Grodzisk Wielkopolski
With a note “Konkurs – Piwobranie”

Please note, that we still do not know if the outbreak will affect the competition finals at the end of June in Grodzisk Wielkopolki. But we hope it won’t.

Best regards from Poland!


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