The homebrew competition hosted by the Grodzisk Brewery is the the most important contest for homebrewers perfecting the art of brewing beers in grodziskie style. Here You will find some basic information and competition terms in English

Regulations of the Grodzisk Home Beer Contest, Piwobranie

  1. The Contest is organised by the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski Ltd. seated at Poznańska 16b, 62-065 Grodzisk Wielkopolski.
  2. The contest will be held on 16-19 June 2023 in the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski at Poznańska 16b, 62-065 Grodzisk Wielkopolski.
  3. The contestants are required to apply electronically by completing a form between February, 10 and June, 9, available at
  4. The contest will be held in accordance with the Rules of Good Practice for Home Beer Contests of the Polish Association of Home Brewers (PSPD).
  5. Only adults can be participants in the Contest.
  6. The goal of the Contest is to promote the style of Grodzisk Beer as a part of Polish brewing heritage.
  7. The beers submitted in the Contest will be evaluated by the Judge Committee appointed by the Polish Association of Home Brewers and the Honorary Committee consisting of individuals with special merits to the heritage and remembrance of Grodzisk Beer. The Contest will be held in two categories:
    1. “Grodzisk Beer”
    2. “Variation on Grodzisk Beer”
  8. The submitted beers should represent characteristics complying with the style description in Appendix 1 below.
  9. One Contestant can submit one beer in a specific Contest Category.
  10. The Committee members are excluded from participation in the Contest.
  11. Entering the Contest is free of charge.
  12. The beer needs to be delivered to the following address:Sklep “Pan Śledzik”ul. Żydowska 2, 62-065 Grodzisk Wielkopolski with a note “Konkurs – Piwobranie”
  13. The Participant is required to deliver the following to the indicated address between 29 May and 9 June:
    1. Five 0.5 l bottles of beer or six 0.33 l bottles of beer when submitting for the “Grodzisk Beer” category.
    2. Five 0.5 l bottles of beer or six 0.33 l bottles of beer when submitting for the “Variation on Grodzisk Beer” category.
  14. The brewer should not use any other labelling than generated from the BAP system.
  15. The Contest’s results will be announced during the “Grodziskie Piwobranie” ceremony.
  1. Information about processing personal data:
  2. The administrator of the personal data of the contest participants is the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. seated in Grodzisk Wielkopolski ul. Poznańska 16b, 62-065 Grodzisk Wielkopolski.
  3. With relation to personal data, the contestants may contact the data administrator at the following e-mail address:
  4. The data will be processed in order to register the contestant in the Grodzisk Home Beer Contest – Piwobranie 2018, to run the contest, announce its results and to award prizes as well as to promote the beer produced by the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. on the basis of a recipe devised by the contestant as part of the Contest and to promote the Contest itself, by virtue of consent granted in a separate declaration of the contestant. Providing personal data is voluntary.
  5. The contestant’s personal data will be stored for a period of time not longer than it is necessary for the purpose for which the data is processed.
  6. The contestant’s personal data will not be profiled or transferred outside the European Economic Area or made available to international organizations.
  7. The contestant has the right to access his/her personal data, correct it, remove it or limit processing thereof.
  8. The contestant has the right to oppose further processing of his/her personal data; in the case of consenting to have his/her personal data processed, the contestant has the right to withhold that consent. Exercising the right to withhold consent does not affect the processing of data which took place before the consent was withheld.
  9. The contestant has the right to transfer his/her data.
  10. In the case of infringement of the personal data processing regulations, the contestant has the right to lodge a complaint before the supervisory authority – the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection, subsequently substituted by President of the Office of Personal Data Protection.
  11. Should the Organizer obtain more than 15 beers in a specific category, eliminations will take place to shortlist not more than 15 final beers.
  12. If, during the evaluation, the final beers score the same number of points, the beers will be classified according to the sum of the positions occupied by a beer on the list of each of the Committee Members.
  13. The cash awards will be transferred to the winners’ bank accounts within 14 days since the Winners’ provision of details about their respective bank accounts.
  14. The contest prizes include:
  15. In the “Grodzisk Beer” category:
    • 1st place: PLN 2000.00
    • 2nd place: PLN 500.00
    • 3rd place: PLN 300.00
  16. In the “Variation on Grodzisk Beer” category:
    • 1st place: PLN 2,000.00 and the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski brewing a special edition of Piwo Grodziskie in 2018 in accordance with the winning recipe
    • 2nd place: PLN 500.00
    • 3rd place: PL 300.00
  17. Each Contestant qualified to finals will receive a souvenir in the form of 5 kg of Grodzisk malt. One Contestant is not eligible for more than 5 kg of malt.
  18. If two or more Contestants submit a beer jointly, the prizes will be divided into equal parts.
  19. The prizes will be reduced by the tax on contest prizes in accordance with the act of 26 July 1991 on personal income tax collected from natural persons (i.e. Official Journal of 2012, item 361 with amendments). The Organizer has the right to abstain from payment of the prizes before the Winners provide data necessary to settle the tax correctly.
  20. The winner in the “Variation on Grodzisk Beer” category agrees to grant a licence to brew  beer based on his/her recipe, on conditions specified in a separate agreement, in the Brewery in Grodzisk Wielkopolski Ltd., agrees to have it marketed. At the same time, the prize covers the contestant’s any related claims.
  21. Every Contestant will receive the particulars of the submitted beer.
  22. Application is equivalent to approval of these Regulations.
  23. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations.

Appendix 1

Description of the category styles

Grodzisk Beer

A unique style developed in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, dating directly back to the medieval tradition of brewing wheat beers in Poland. Grodzisk Beer had been famous in its mother country before the time of industrialization; in the 19th century and the early 20th century, its fame and popularity would increase quickly also abroad. In the production process of this blonde, light wheat beer, smoked malt is used. A detailed description of the style is available on, the “Styles” tab.


OG: 7.0-8.0°Blg

FG: 2.5-3.0°Blg

Alcohol by volume: 2.5-3.3%

Bitterness: 20-30 IBU

Colour: 6-12 EBC

The raw materials and technology: the most desirable option is application of 100% wheat malt slightly smoked with oak wood. A composition of beech-smoked malt, wheat malt and Pilsner malt is a welcome alternative. Malt should always be selected in such a way that the resulting beer has a distinct wheat note and a subtle smoked one. Polish, Czech or German varieties of hops like Lublin, Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh or Tettnanger should be applied. The top fermenting yeast should have a relatively clear profile and not produce a large amount of esters  or phenols. Infusion mashing with several pauses. Clarified with isinglass and conditioned in bottles with the addition of yeast.

Aroma: low to moderate aroma that comes from the smoke, may be very subtle. The intensity of the typical hoppy notes should be not more than equal or below the smoky notes. Palpable cereal, wheat notes. Optionally, palpable delicate fruity notes like ripe red apple or pear but they cannot be intense. Banana and clove notes, typical of Bavarian wheat beers, are undesirable. Presence of diacetyl is a flaw.

Colour: ranging from light yellow to golden, it should be very clear. Turbidity is a flaw. Head: ample, white, very stable.

Flavour: Medium low to average-intensity smoked flavour which lingers until the finish. The smoked nature may be more distinct in the flavour than in the aroma, have a subtle character, it should not be acrid. A subtle, grainy flavour of wheat in the background. A slight yet palpable, piquant flavour of noble hops. The general balance shifted towards bitterness. The finish is dry yet should not be tart. Light fruit esters (red apple or pear) may mark their presence.

Bitterness: Modern to significant, coming from the hops.

The  sense in the mouth: very light and refreshing. Gas saturation high, clearly palpable on the tongue.

General impression: A light, very drinkable wheat beer with a smoky note. Blonde and clear..

Commercial examples: Piwo z Grodziska brewed by the Brewery in Grodzisk Wlkp.

“Variation on Grodziskie Beer”

An open category. The submitted beer needs to distinctly refer to the Grodzisk style. The judges will expect the smoky note in the aroma and significant carbonation. Both the colour and the sensory features are undetermined. We believe in the creativity of the contestants, both with respect to the hops levels and the non-standard additives.

The beer’s composition should include wheat malt smoked with oak wood. What is also worth considering is use of Grodzisk yeast. However, application of a different strain is acceptable provided that the aroma is close to that associated with Grodzisk beer. Wild yeast are unacceptable. Kettle-souring is allowed.


OG: 7,0-16,0 °Blg